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SSHD fails when I connect

I'm getting this with a fresh install of SSHD:

sshd[12922]: Did not receive identification string from IPADDRESS

Confused ? Me too.
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Although TCP wrappers were fine unfortunately IPtables wasn't.

Thanks for your help, it made a difference.

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Another reason is:

it could be a bad generated tcp/ip packet, so that could be a reason from

the lack of ip header, or a IPV6 packet, or even another type of packet

(UDP, PPPoE, PPPTP, Tunnel).

did you change any library ?

any attack on your system ?

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You can check by:

1)from local computer execute "ssh

what happens? if you get an error message

try to check /etc/ssh/sshd_config, perhaps something is wrong

if every thing is ok, try to reinstall sshd or update it

if you are using Redhat family ike fedora/centos...

execute "rpm -V sshd" and see result

2)from remote host execute "ssh ......."

what happens(check with different client)

also see /var/log/messages /var/log/secure

3) what about firewall or iptables ?

execute "iptables -L" and see result


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Check service sshd on your server is run or not

after view is port is open or not

afte ssh to local-server and read /var/log/secure and /var/log/messages

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Can you connect to ssh from the ssh server itself using and then by its IP address?

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