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Mirror a drive in Ubuntu Server without using RAID

I have an Ubuntu Server running Lucid Lynx with two drives in it.

I backup changing data offsite and I don't want the complexities of using RAID.

I'd like to use rsync to copy the entire contents of the primary drive to the identical second drive every now and again in case something on the OS fails or gets corrupted (or the primary drive just fails). Then I can just boot off the secondary drive as if everything was still the same (at the time of the last rsync copy).

How do I go about doing this ? Help much appreciated.

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Working on the basis that you've got your backup drive mounted on /backup you'll probably want something like:

rsync -ar --exclude "/backup/*" --exclude "/proc/* --exclude "/sys/*" / /backup/

This will generate the backup.

Grub only needs setting up once on the drive as it reads from /boot/grub to get the settings, unlike lilo which writes the config to the boot sector.

Running grub and getting the grub console you should be able to do:

grub> root (hd1,0)

grub> setup (hd1)

grub> quit

This will set your 2nd drive to boot from its 1st partition.

You can then run the rsync whenever you want, if you update grub I'd recommend running the grub procedure again.

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